Why we do it?

We will help you not to miss the ordinary yet precious and beautiful moments through quiet changes so you can maintain your daily life.

Next Generation Diagnostic Sensor Smart Strip

It’s a single smart strip, but it can be analyzed with your smartphone. QSTAG’s sensor analysis technology makes this possible. Inspect and judge your health condition, disease and environment from time to time with various kinds of QSTag strip products. Your daily life can be healthier and more enriching.

Low Cost

We’re developing a disposable diagnosis sensor based on printed electronics. It enables produce the various products with small amount production and low production cost. Therefore we can offer various type of disposable diagnosis with under $1 consumer price.

High Sensitive

Our sensing technology is based on electrical analysis. The electrical characteristic of sensor is dramatically changed according to substance we want to detect and we can evaluate sensing result from the changed value. We are developing the various new type sensors and evaluating its feasibility, constantly.

Easy Management

The sensing result is automatically uploaded on database by wireless network using smart phone The uploaded data could be formed as a big data, and it can be applied to varied IoT management system. These our technologies is suitable for moving to a new Fourth Industrial Revolution.