Frequently Asked Question.

It can detect irregular signs in the body by analyzing 4 biomarkers including glucose, pH, protein, and blood in the urine. These four biomarkers enable screening for diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases and urinary tract infection.

It has a 95% accuracy rate compared to the hospital bench-top equipment.

It is classified as a Class 2 medical device based on KFDA approval.

In the case of the Korean market, there is no legal problem in sharing the measurement result data with the consent of the user. For overseas businesses interested in working with QSTAG, legal environment of the relevant country needs to be reviewed.

QSTAG can provide the SDK. However, in the case of the Korean market, the analysis must be conducted using the QSCHECK App due to the medical device licensing issue. Therefore, we recommend the App to App method. For our partners, QSCHECK App provides home banner advertisements when users analyze urine strips provided by suppliers. For overseas businesses interested in partnering with QSTAG, regulations for licensing medical devices in the relevant country needs to be checked.

Currently, it is in the process of acquiring the CE certification with QSCHECK-UIS4. The CE certification is expected to be completed by early next year.

Please contact us by email at support@qstag.com

For further inquiries, please contact us via email at support@qstag.com